Hot Sunny Weather

Hot sunny weather makes festivals a lot of fun but you do have to be careful. At Glastonbury there is very little shelter from the sun, and when it gets hot everyone flocks to the bars to escape the intense direct sunlight, so you may struggle to find shelter yourself.

Remember to pack suncream and aftersun in your rucksack. You will end up spending much longer in the sun than you think so its best to be prepared for before and after! A hat which blocks the sun is always a good idea too as it will help prevent sunstroke. Sunglasses are also useful but don’t worry too much about packing them as there are plenty of shops around the site that sell them.

When its hot at Glastonbury, make sure you take in plenty of water as you will be doing a lot of walking around, a lot of singing and a lot of dancing.

In hot weather its still good to wear sensible footwear. If you are planning to go and watch bands I don’t recommend wearing flip-flops as your toes will get destroyed, and walking around will generally be quite difficult. You will most likely end up losing them in a crowd, so its best to wear something that laces up and offers some stability.