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No Glastonbury Festival in 2018

Those that missed out on tickets to this year’s Glastonbury Festival might be disappointed to learn that there is no festival in 2018. Every four years Glastonbury takes a break to let the fields recover across the farm, and this … Continue reading

Glastonbury Festival officials confirm break in 2018

Embed from Getty Images Glastonbury organisers have confirmed that the festival will not take place in 2018. Following on with recent tradition, the festival will take a break (fallow year) to give the farm a chance to recover, and the … Continue reading

Glastonbury to change venue for 2018?

Rumours of Glastonbury relocating for the 2018 year have emerged¬†this week. The festival takes a break every five¬†years to help the land recover for the livestock at Worthy Farm, however Eavis has hinted that the next break year could instead … Continue reading