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Top Moment of Glastonbury Festival 2013

Glastonbury is over as quickly as it came and we’re sure that all of you will have fantastic memories that are worth sharing. So here we are, inviting you to share your top moment of Glastonbury Festival 2013. Go ahead … Continue reading

Glastonbury 2013 organisers urge revelers to leave gazebos at home

Organisers of Glastonbury Festival 2013 are urging this year’s revelers to leave their gazebos at home1. Despite providing useful shelter and a good communal area gazebo “take up valuable camping room and are often left behind…” according to the festival … Continue reading

Off-site camping confirmed for Glastonbury Festival 2013

Organisers of Glastonbury Festival 2013 have confirmed that off-site camping will be available to revelers. Posting on the official website they said, “we are pleased to announce that the Festival will, for the first time, be offering a range of … Continue reading

Glastonbury Festival 2013 tickets sell out in record time

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2013 have sold out in record time. It took fans just 1hr and 40mins to snatch all the tickets that went on sale at 9am this morning. “After one hour and 40 minutes, tickets for Glastonbury … Continue reading

Massive demand for Glastonbury Festival 2013 tickets

As expected there is huge demand for Glastonbury Festival 2013 tickets this morning. Here’s the latest tweet from the official website: See are experiencing very, very high demand, which is effecting the speed of the booking site. Tickets are being … Continue reading

Glastonbury Festival 2013 tickets on sale today!

The first batch of tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2013 go on sale at 9pm today. Those of you that have registered can book up to 8 tickets by putting down a £50 deposit on each one (Although it doesn’t say … Continue reading

Radiohead Rumoured for Glastonbury Festival 2013

Radiohead are the next band to land themselves a line on our Glastonbury rumours list. The band have frequently appeared at the festival over the last few years, including a surprise performance on the Park stage in 2011. The British … Continue reading

Fleetwood Mac Rumoured for Glastonbury Festival 2013

We’ve started to source all the latest Glastonbury Festival 2013 rumours from across the web, and one name we kept seeing mentioned was Fleetwood Mac. (no this is not a rumours pun!) There are strong suggestions that the band will … Continue reading

The Stone Roses Rumoured for Glastonbury Festival 2013

Its no surprise that one of the first acts to bag themselves a place on the Glastonbury Festival 2013 rumours list is the Stone Roses. The Mancunians made a huge comeback this year, starting a reunion tour in their home … Continue reading

Dream Headliners for Glastonbury Festival 2013?

We love to get the community involved with the blog and what better way to kick things off for Glastonbury Festival 2013 than to ask you to name your dream headliners? Lets keep it realistic this year…only bands that are … Continue reading