Ronnie Wood joins Kanye West debate

TL;DR – Ronnie Wood says Kayne is the wrong choice for Glastonbury.

Legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll guitarist Ronnie Wood has joined the debate surrounding Kayne West’s controversial Glastonbury booking.

The Rolling Stones member said that the decision to get West as a headliner is “bloody ridiculous”.

“It pisses me off so I try not to think about it too much,” said Wood.

“Glastonbury is the home of rock music and, look, Kanye isn’t rock. He’s a great entertainer and he knows how to captivate an audience with all his swearing, but when it comes to what that festival is about, it’s the wrong choice.

“Good luck to the man – I don’t know if he’ll survive when he’s on that stage. People who go there for rock music are starting to get very angry about all these rappers and R’n’B singers taking over.”

West will headline the famous Pyramid Stage on Saturday at the 2015 festival.

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