Line-up for Shangri-la 2017 confirmed by Glastonbury Festival organisers

Organisers of Glastonbury Festival 2017 have confirmed the line-up for Shangri-la.

This year the area comes with a change of theme from the traditional heaven and hell, instead taking on the theme ‘recycle, re-use, resist’.

You can see the acts that have been confirmed on the official poster below.

The official website has given fans a taste of what to expect in their description:

“Giant Towers of Trash now dominate the Shangri-La skyline. Structures have formed from the scrap, dwellings made of detritus, art from the embers.

“A GAS TOWER looms over the site – harnessing the creative energy around it. A symbol of a bygone industrial era, it has reformed here, at the epicentre of the Digital Revolution. 360 degrees of awe-inspiring audio visual action.

A host of other bands and musicians have already been confirmed for the 2017 bash including Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran as headliners on the famous Pyramid Stage. Check out the rest on our Glastonbury line-up page.

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