Glastonbury to offer metal cups made in Sheffield

Glastonbury organisers have announced that steel cups produced in Sheffield will be available to revellers at the 2016 festival.

The one pint cups are said to be a trial and their aim is to help reduce the amount of waste generated over the music weekend.

Ticket holders will be able to pay a £5 deposit for a cup which they can then either return, donate or keep at the end of the festival.

Glastonbury Festival 2016 chief Michael Eavis said the cups will also help support the British steel industry.

“Week after week, there’s a story in the national press about jobs in the UK steel industry being put at risk.

“There’s seemingly no end to the negative slide of this critical industry, and if the jobs, skills and infrastructure are lost they won’t be replaced.

“We’ve worked on this project over the last three years, which will hopefully encourage other UK businesses to think about how they can support our steel industry during these very challenging times.”

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