Glastonbury goer’s lost wallet returned three months later by post

A woman who lost her wallet at Glastonbury Festival has had it anonymously posted back to her three months later.

Amazingly it still had all her bank cards and the £60 that she had withdrawn.

Commenting on receiving a package in the post, the owner said:

“To my surprise it was the wallet I had lost this year, complete with all my cards and 3 crisp £20 notes I had only just received from the cash point before misplacing it,” she wrote on Facebook.

“There was no note included, and whoever posted it, spent £7.35 on sending it recorded delivery to ensure it was safely received.

“I want to say a huge thank you to whoever sent it and didn’t steal the money and I want to repay anyone who was left out of pocket due to my absent mindedness.”

She added that she was extremely grateful to the “wonderful human beings” who had returned it.

Source [The Sun]

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