Glastonbury Festival 2013 organisers ban Chinese lanterns

Glastonbury organisers have banned the use of Chinese lanterns at this years festival.

Micheal Eavis explains why:

I have two main concerns regarding the lanterns; the first being the risk of fire, as the still burning lanterns could fall within the many acres of closely erected tents causing rapid fire spread and endangering lives.

The second is a longer term consequence and the cause of many complaints from neighbouring landowners, as the lanterns can land on grass in farmers’ fields which is made into hay & silage for winter fodder and fed to stock; the operation of cutting and collecting the grass will chop the wire or bamboo frame of the lantern into needle sized pieces which in turn will be digested by the animals into their stomach possibly resulting in a slow death, I have had two cattle killed in this way at Worthy Farm.

The ban of the lanterns is for a reason. Hopefully this information will deter anyone from bringing them onto site this year.

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