Glastonbury could be homeless in 2019

Glastonbury could be without a home for its 2019 festival after a planned move looks off.

A relocation to nearby Longleat Estate was being arranged after Michael Eavis said it was getting “very very difficult” to keep it at the farm due to land ownership issues.

However this now looks like its unlikely to happen.

“Longleat probably won’t happen anymore,” confirmed Eavis.

“Lord Bath is really keen. I went to him because I knew him when he was a boy.

“But he and his son aren’t agreeing, and they don’t speak very much, so it’s hard to make decisions. I haven’t been able to sit down with all of them at the same time”.

“They let me down gently about their decision. I went round to their house and we had a very long discussion.”

“They said to clean up all that mud, they’d have to restrict the whole of the operations at Longleat for about three months and it’s too expensive.”

Glastonbury takes a break in 2018 to allow the farm to recover and will now need to find an alternative for 2019.

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