Glastonbury blasted for exploiting European workers

Glastonbury Festival has been blasted for exploiting hundreds of European workers after promising them rubbish collection work, before laying them off early without pay.

The 700 Europeans were promised two weeks rubbish collection work, but due to the good weather and efforts from Charities, many have been told there is nothing left to do after only two days.

The workers had traveled from Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland and according to the Independent newspaper, were left, “stranded and out of pocket”.

One worker said: “We found out quite soon that there was not as much garbage as usual, so there was less work. Rumours were being spread about what would happen and there was no proper information.

“There are people without work still sleeping in tents here because they have nowhere to go, they were expecting two weeks of work. One person tried to find us other jobs in the area and get food for us for the weekend.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also come under fire after his rousing speech on the Pyramid Stage stated people should not “accept low wages and insecurity as just part of life”.

More Glastonbury headlines coming soon, stay tuned.

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