General Info

Glastonbury Festival is a ‘contemporary arts’ festival that takes place annually in Pilton, Somerset. Its played host to some of the biggest names in music in the past including T-rex, David Bowie, The Who, and more recently Dolly Parton, Coldplay and Radiohead.

Its very much become a mixture of all forms of music and arts since it was founded and now plays host to rock, metal, dance, pop and more.

Its one of the most recognised festivals in the World attracting 150,000+ fans each year who come from all over the world to experience Glastonbury’s unique spiritual atmosphere.

Glastonbury has grown considerably over the years from a small ‘hippie’ orientated festival to a full-blown arts weekend which some say has gone against its roots. Despite the large scale changes over the years, Glastonbury has still very much hung on to its roots and has designated areas for traditional crafts and revellers, however much of the space has now been transformed into tents and stages where artists perform to thousands.


The majority of people that visit Glastonbury will camp in tents but there are also designated areas for camper vans as well as VIP areas full of pre-built tents and luxury accommodation.

There are also nearby hotels and B&Bs, most of which are very festival orientated and can provide transport to the festival each day.


There are literally hundreds of places where you can eat at Glastonbury so for anyone with eating problems you will have no problem finding something to enjoy. There are designated eateries for all meals of the day including Breakfast. You will not go hungry at Glastonbury providing you are not too intoxicated to forget to eat.

Driving to Glastonbury