Eavis wants Oasis and Swift at Glastonbury 2015

Michael Eavis has revealed that he would like to have both Oasis and Taylor Swift at Glastonbury Festival 2015.

Speaking directly after receiving his award for his outstanding contribution to live music in the UK, the Glastonbury legend said: “I do talk to Noel and Liam a lot. Wouldn’t it be marvellous for them to relaunch at Glastonbury, now Liam has split from Beady Eye?”

Rumours have also been circulating about Taylor Swift taking a slot following the confirmation of a short tour in the UK next summer.

“Taylor Swift would be great to follow the Dolly Parton slot – especially being a country singer,” Eavis added.

And finally, despite strong rumours of Fleetwood Mac making an appearance, the Glastonbury boss is still standing by his guns: “No, Fleetwood Mac isn’t looking good at the moment. I’m afraid not.”

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