Driving to Glastonbury Festival

On all the occasions that I have been lucky enough to get tickets for Glastonbury Festival, I have always chosen to drive.

Luckily a friend of mine lives reasonably close to the site so I will stop off their the night before and set off early in the morning.

I advise that you take plenty of fluids, food and music for the journey, as when you start getting near to the festival site, facilities get a little thin on the ground and the traffic builds up quickly.

If you’re lucky you will probably spend the best part of 2 – 3hrs queuing to get in to the festival site itself, and even then it will be a while until you finally get through the gates and reach a camping spot.

Don’t leave any valuables on show (even though the parking does seem like its reasonably safe) and try and pack lightly as you can be in for a bit of a trek depending on what car park you get ushered in to.