Diana Ross rumoured for Glastonbury Festival 2017

Diana Ross could perform at Glastonbury Festival 2017 it has emerged this week.

Bee Gee’s member Barry Gibb announced that the Detroit singer will take the Legends slot at the 2017 festival at the O2 Silver Clef Awards on Friday:

“Next year it’s Diana Ross,” he said.

However, Ross’s rep has since stated that Diana’s slot is, “not confirmed”.

The rather ambiguous statement doesn’t rule out Ross, but at the same time doesn’t suggest she is performing either…

In previous years, the Legend’s slot has been taken by acts such as Jeff Lynne (ELO), Tony Bennett and in more recent years, Dolly Parton.

Currently, Radiohead are the only officially confirmed act for Glastonbury Festival 2017. They take a headline slot on Friday 23rd June.

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