Emily Eavis rules out Fleetwood Mac, Madonna or Led Zeppelin for Glastonbury 2019

Emily Eavis has confirmed that Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin will headline at Glastonbury Festival 2019.

The organiser made the announcement at a recent talk in Taunton and it was posted on Twitter by unofficial Glastonbury account ‘The Glasto Thingy’.

Ticket for Glastonbury Festival 2019 sold out in 30 minutes of going on sale at the start of the month, but some are expected to go on sale early next year.

Stay tuned for more updates and rumours in the coming weeks!

Bradley Cooper in talks to perform at Glastonbury Festival 2019

Bradley Cooper has revealed that he is in talks to perform at Glastonbury Festival 2019.

The film star used the Pyramid Stage at the 2017 event to film a scene for his new film A Star is Born. He confirmed that he has travelled to the event every year since, such is his love for the festival.

“I go to Glastonbury every year and I’ve seen so many of my heroes and so the fact that I was up there was very surreal,” he said to music magazine NME.

“Oddly enough, if you have ever been to Glastonbury, you know that feeling of comfort.

“300,000 people, and you feel safe, which is an odd thing, so once I got down stage-centre I actually felt very comfortable, but the road to that was very terrifying.”

Cooper went on to discuss his plans to perform at the Park Stage at the 2019 bash:

“That would be great, and maybe just do six songs. That would be the only thing I would do.

“We wouldn’t announce it, even though I’m talking about it right now, with a microphone in front of my mouth!”

Glastonbury Festival 2019 tickets sell out in half an hour

Tickets for the 2019 Glastonbury Festival sold out this morning in just over half an hour.

A record number of people attempted to get hold of ticket for the bash it has since been confirmed.

Organiser Emily Eavis said she was ‘blow away’ by the huge demand.

For those that missed out there is still a chance to get hold of tickets in April when a resale takes place.

Organisers reveal Glastonbury 2019 ticket sale dates

Officials at Glastonbury Festival have announced the ticket sale dates for the 2019 bash.

Punters will be able to try and purchase a ticket on the 4th October (coach tickets) and 7th October (standard tickets).

An official tweet below confirms the news:

Currently there are no confirmed acts for Glastonbury Festival 2019 but rumours suggest Kylie Minogue will take the Legends slot, and Oasis have also been rumoured to reform and play.

You can read more here.

Kylie Minogue to play Glastonbury Festival 2019?

Rumours for Glastonbury Festival 2019 are coming in thick and fast and Kylie Minogue is the latest big name to join the list.

After canceling a performance 14 years ago due to a breast cancer diagnosis, the Aussie pop star looks set to take the prestigious legends slot on the Pyramid Stage.

A inside source allegedly contacted The Sun newspaper to confirmed the gig:

“Kylie had to pull out of Glastonbury in 2005 just a month before she was due to appear so this performance will be a very emotional and poignant moment for her.

“She jumped at the opportunity to appear next year and it is the perfect way to celebrate her career.

More rumours and news coming soon, stay tuned!

Liam Gallagher to perform at Glastonbury Festival 2019?

Oasis front-man Liam Gallagher has hinted that he could be returning to Glastonbury Festival to play the 2019 bash.

The rock n roll singer posted a suggestive tweet yesterday which has ignited rumours of him performing at the June event.

In the same thread Gallagher also hinted that there could be an Oasis reunion if brother Noel’s wife would allow it.

“I’m up for it anytime the other fellas Mrs won’t let him as it’s to rowdy for her she’s app POSH”

So far the rumours mill for Glastonbury 2019 has been quiet, but the next few months will almost certainly see a few acts dropping hints as the ticket announcement looms.

Stay tuned for more unofficial rumours and news in the coming weeks.

Roy Orbison could perform at Glastonbury Festival 2019 as hologram

Roy Orbison could make an appearance at Glastonbury Festival 2019 – as a hologram.

Orbison passed away in 1988 after suffering a heart attack, but is set to tour the UK as a hologram starting in April.

His son admitted that taking the show to Glastonbury would be “the ultimate”.

“This show would be perfect for that audience,” he said.

“The technology is moving so fast. At first we were told we could only play theatres, so we could control the interplay of the light.

“But now the Orbison hologram can play an outdoor festival, even in daylight, and it will still look good.”

Glastonbury Festival takes a break in 2018 to allow the farm land to recover and returns on 26 – 30 June 2019.

So far there are no confirmed acts.

Organisers confirm dates for Glastonbury Festival 2019

Official organisers have confirmed that Glastonbury Festival will next take place between 26th – 30th June 2019.

The event will take its traditional break in 2018 to allow the land to recover.

Currently there are no line-up rumours for the festival, but we will keep you bang up to date with anything that is announced right up until the festival starts!

Bookings already being made for Glastonbury Festival 2019

Emily Eavis has revealed that bookings are already being made for Glastonbury Festival 2019.

Speaking recently, the daughter of original founder Michael Eavis said:

“My husband Nick, he does most of the booking now, but me and my dad will still wade in with strong feelings about someone or another, but most of the time Nick will get a lot of the bookings done.

“There is a lot of juggling to do, because there are hundreds of stages, thousands of acts, so you have to watch for all the clashes, and you have to kind of get the balance right.

“We do it all year, even now we are booking for 2019, so we’ve had some agents on the phone this week, and in fact even before this year’s festival, they were asking to book some of the bigger slots for the next festival.

Glastonbury takes its traditional fallow year next year to allow the land at Worthy Farm to recover. It will return in full force in the summer of 2019.

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Glastonbury blasted for exploiting European workers

Glastonbury Festival has been blasted for exploiting hundreds of European workers after promising them rubbish collection work, before laying them off early without pay.

The 700 Europeans were promised two weeks rubbish collection work, but due to the good weather and efforts from Charities, many have been told there is nothing left to do after only two days.

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